• Title, Summary, Keyword: solid phase micro extraction, Sancho volatile components.

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Analysis of Volatile Components of Sancho(Zanthoxylum schinifolium)by Solid Phase Micro Extraction (Solid Phase Micro Extraction을 이용한 산초의 휘발성 성분 분석)

  • 장희진
    • The Korean Journal of Food And Nutrition
    • /
    • v.12 no.2
    • /
    • pp.119-123
    • /
    • 1999
  • Test of the optimum condition of solid phase micro extraction(SPME) was performed by use of 5 vol-atile components in dilute aqueous solution. Volatile components of Sancho(Zanthoxylum schinifolium) were isolated by SPME method and were analyzed by GC/MSD and compared with volatile compone-nts isolated by simultaneous distillation extraction (SDE) method. Total 31 components were identified by comparing gas chromatography retention time and mass spectral data. The major compounds were limonene geranyl acetate $\beta$-phellandrene phellandral mycene linalool rose oxide caproic acid and caprylic acid SPME sampling procedure was found to be a good method for qualitative analysis of the volatile components.

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